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“Few years ago, I was so confused and didn’t have strong confidence to take a firm decision .by recommendation a friend, I took some life coaching sessions with Nour . At that time I didn’t have any idea what is life-coaching is about !! After taking some sessions ,I found a hung transformation in my behavior and the way I was thinking towards my life . I transformed my life from being an employee to achieving my dreams towards being an entrepreneur.”

Nahid Hassanpour

Founder/CEO, 4joy Interior Design

Mentorship with coach Nour

“After I finished my coaching course, I had the tools however I was in a loop of self doubt and constant questioning of my abilities. After my mentorship program with Coach Nour, I began my real journey as a coach, I am very grateful to have such a great mentor, who is honest with her approach, and has an outstanding ability to show me the path and purpose of coaching.”

Weffaq Fathi

People Success Specialist, ITCAN Digital and Performance Marketing

“In the short journey, we had together as colleagues, I had a privilege to witness a huge transformation and development of Nour’s abilities and skills as a coach. I’ve enjoyed our many hours of practice, in which as a client, I’ve always walked away with a higher sense of awareness, greater clarity and determination for future actions.”

Adrian Hodoba

ICF Certified Professional Coach

“Nour was my mentor coach for my advanced transformative coaching program.  I would recommend you to consider Nour as your mentor coach as I have found values in each session from evaluating a coaching recording using ICF assessment markers to coaching mastery. I find Nour’s coaching style light and purposeful.  As a mentor coach, she is approachable and easy to work with.   She also has helped me to find areas of improvement and action plan through coaching.  I am  pleased to receive her guidance in coaching.”

Siew Onn Wan

Coach and Partner , Scrum Masters

“When I had my first mentor session with Nour, I was having trouble with the advanced transformational coaching concepts. I was already discouraged by the slow progress and so I was not too pumped up for having the first mentor coaching session. Within the first few minutes of the session, I was speaking freely as if I had met with Nour many times before! By the end of the session, Nour had used the very coaching concepts that I was struggling to grasp to help me break out of the mental blockade. By the second engagement, I was able to produce output that passed the assesment criteria. Your genuine kindness, patience, encouragement and concern for my progress provided a safe space for me to be vulnerable without fear of judgement. I went on to successfully complete my certification and I am now paying it forward!”

Judith Mbabazi

Tourism Liaison Officer, Total E&P Uganda


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