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Elevate Your Coaching and Leadership skills

Guiding growth through hands-on and experiential learning.

This program awards coaches with 20 CCE (Continuing Coach Education Units), 17 Core competencies, 3 resource development for ACC/PCC renewal

Unlock Human Potential

Coaching and Leading for Performance

In this ICF-approved program, you will be able to experience and learn how to coach and lead others using different interactive physical experiences such as coaching through art or sport. You will explore and design your own toolbox which includes experiences such as sports, arts, envisioning and role-playing that you will use to empower others by heightening their awareness and stimulating their learning towards enabling positive transformation and sustainable performance

Our Vision

Inner strength and Roberta Pagliarulo have in common their passion for learning through experiences, believing that when a human being is engaged in a doing experience, is better able to integrate theories, knowledge and actions based on their own unique learning style.

Beyond using language as a vehicle for transformation in the coaching conversation, interactive
solutions such as using experiences, involving the body, integrating symbology, metaphors, arts, or sports can bring the coachee and team member to have a deeper and customized positive shift inside out. Our vision is to share with our participants a program that inspires collaborative and innovative learning methods, promotes sustainability of personal and professional development, and provides a competitive edge for positive transformation catalysts.

Learning Goals

This experiential approach will enable you to guide individuals and teams through interactive experiences that enhance their readiness for positive change, stimulate a reflective mindset, and inspire open expression. As a positive change catalyst, this program will provide you with a practical, innovative, and effective approach to personal and professional development.

Training Hours

This program is recognized by the ICF and awards coaches for a total of 20 hours (14 hours in presence + 6 hours online), equivalent to 20 CCE Units (Continuing Coach Education Units) for ACC/PCC renewal (17 Core competencies + 3 resource development). 

The training is to be at A Happiness Coaching Center, Dubai, UAE (The Iridium building –  office #112) on:

16 and 17 April 2024, 4pm – 7pm Dubai time (Online) &

20 and 21 April  2024, 10am – 5pm Dubai time (Face to face) 


Training Philosophy & Approach

• Explore and experience how to create positive change with your clients and teams through the power of experiential learning, neuroscience theories of transformation, and ontological coaching.

• Use a more innovative, systemic, and sustainable approach toward promoting personal and professional growth and development.

• Design and create your own personal experiential coaching and leadership toolbox that you will use to help others on the following topics:

Client Testimonials

"Thank you Roberta and Nour for delivering such an amazing workshop, it elevated my skills and opened multiple doors for me to apply these creative tools in my coaching and my personal life too. The workshop was unique and enriching in every aspect and it reflected the great effort in designing it. I felt like this workshop or retreat talked to my inner self and inspired growth and change within myself."
Samah Badawy
ICF Certified Coach - ACC
Masters in Business Psychology
"The most valuable experience for me was self-discovery exercises, learning from participants, sharing my experience regarding the received content, trying new things, and receiving feedback and encouragement. Nour and Roberta created a safe environment in which I could be open and vulnerable, letting go of performance and achieving results.
I walked away with a new set of tools I can use either in my future coaching sessions with individual clients or workshops with groups and teams. The tools are very practical and easy to use. I had a chance to try them during the event with my colleagues and immediately in individual coaching sessions with clients. The impact was huge on the quality and depth of coaching conversations as well as on my feeling of satisfaction due to the experience of new conversational ways. The main reason for which I recommend this event – it is a RETREAT where you can learn and equip yourself for meaningful conversations with your clients."
Adrian Hodoba
ICF Certified Coach & Mentor - PCC

Elevate your leadership game now. Few slots left!


CCE Training

20 CCE Points Awarded on Completion


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Our Speakers

Our program will help you advance your coaching and leadership skills and create your own experiential methods to use in your practices and conversations with your coaches and team members.

Nour Alhassan

Transformative Performance Coach | ICF Professional Certified Coach | Inspiring people into action | Founder Inner Strength Coaching

Inner Strength Coaching is a company that provides a broad range of professional coaching services, programs, coaching retreats, and strength-based assessments, for the personal and professional development of individuals, employees, and executives.

Coaching through the Japanese Art of Kintsugi is a leading product created and designed by company founder, Nour Al Hassan. This workshop, delivered for customers in the UAE, empowers individuals, teams, and employees to toward positive transformation through practical and innovative means. 

As collaboration is critical for the company’s success, Inner Strength Coaching partners with fellow professional coaches and experts on corporate projects designing and leading coaching and training programs for employee advancement and executive coaching. 

Unleashing the talent of youth and women, supporting them to thrive in life and the workplace, and promoting sustainability through creativity, innovation, and authenticity is at the heart of the company’s vision.

Roberta Pagliarulo

MCC Coach at Roberta Pagliarulo – Certified CoachHub Coach at CoachHub.Io- Coach and trainer at EEC

Roberta Pagliarulo is an Italian coaching and training company, active since 2011. The founder, Roberta Pagliarulo, is an Italian executive and team coach specializing in ontological coaching, and applied neuroscience.

Roberta Pagliarulo mission is to help her clients to live the life they want to belong to, to find their inner motivation and balance among body, mind, and emotions, unleashing their authentic potential as leaders.

You can contact Roberta Pagliarulo if you need executive and team coaching for change management, if you need to unleash the talent of your team members, if you need to manage conflicts and improve the communication in the team if you need to design a shared vision.

Roberta travels all over the world as an international speaker to deliver her message.

Elevate your leadership game now. Few slots left!

Location & Schedule

Walk In:

A Happiness Coaching Center, Iridium Building- 112 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

16 and 17 April 2024, 4pm – 7pm Dubai time (Online) &

20 and 21 April  2024, 10am – 5pm Dubai time (Face to face)

You can always reach out to us via:

Whatsapp : +971566501662



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